3 Simple Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals




Step 1

First and foremost, set a deadline. Without a deadline you will procrastinate like there is no tomorrow.

Step 2


Figure out how big your goal is – Measure your goal, and try to see how long it will take you to accomplish it (do small portions everyday until you see the finish result). Try to set aside time-slots for each day of the week, so you know what you need to be doing at every hour. Unless I put it down on my calendar, I will put it off, and put it off…Keep in mind the staircase analogy……………

Step 3

That brings me to the last but most important step-“Have faith” that you will accomplish your goals/dreams. Sounds great and all, but if you are anything like me…you always run all the possible things that might go wrong in your head.. before it even happens… our brains are wired to think of obstacles before they even happen..so what do we do then? Well, we can trick our brains!  For instance, If I want to take a vacation at the end of the year, but I do not know how I will fund it…I need to act as though it is all “set in stone.” Why do this? It’s simple you are tricking your subconscious mind… for instance, I can request time off from work, put important dates in my calendar, and tell friends and family about my plan etc… all these things will trick your brain into thinking that you are going on vacation… and the rest will work itself out. Our subconscious mind will try to work out the obstacles (ex: money, living situation) in your mind while you sleep or go about your day, and eventually you will have what I like to call the “A’HA moment” where you figure out how you will pay for your vacation,  stay etc..  The more things you do to prepare for your goal, in spite of any obstacle the more likely you are to obtain it. The first step to manifesting any goal/dream is to believe in it deeply. People who have burning desire to fulfill their dreams always succeed:)





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