For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.“-Luke12:34


Is there something you want to gain in your life  be it an inanimate/ animate object, abstract experience, or  a specific kind of person. Well, let me give you some good news. You can attract anything that you set your mind to. To obtain the object of your heart’s desire you must have 3 magical recipes clear intent, true faith, and incredible focus… in order to obtain your desired goal.


Clear intent

Have a clear intent/ purpose. Be very clear about what you want to obtain in your life. it is that simple. If it is  money, love, or a family, that you want …declare this to the universe in a very definitive way. There is no one way of doing this declaration. I have gone many different directions to declare my goals to the universe. I have written letters and hid them away (shortly after hiding the letter all the things that I requested became my reality). I have used prayer as well. At this stage, all you have to do is be very clear about what you want (Whatever it may be, make sure to be very specific) the more precise you are with what you want the better.

Unbreakable faith

You can make all your requests known to the Universe, but these declarations mean nothing if you do not truly believe these goals are possible.

You must truly believe that your desired goal will be fulfilled. Despite the doubts circling through your mind, you have to believe in something that is not tangible. Faith means when you do not see a possible solution. Even if it seems impossible. Keep the following quote in mind “It always seems impossible until its done.” -Nelson Mandela.


Incredible focus

Picture the whole picture

Imagine every detail.. add the five senses to get an accurate picture of what your future will look like once you obtain this goal…what will you smell, touch, see.. Try to imagine the setting, what you are wearing, etc.

From my past experience, I have manifested experiences without knowing what I was doing..I thought I was just daydreaming with great detail. Little did I know, that by visualizing I was attracting the things I desire. Visualization plays a huge role in the law of attraction. I imagined my long, lost childhood friend on the dance floor. In the daydream, I imagined him and I slow dancing together. In the vision I was wearing a black dress. The dream was not too far off from reality. I was wearing a black formal dress and slow dancing with my friend.  It was very outrageous. The dream/ vision was not completely accurate, as he was wearing a tuxedo in the dream, yet in reality he was in a t-shirt and jeans, but do you think I was thinking “this is off”.. no, instead I was trying to fathom how i could have imagined an experience that  became my reality.



















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