Daily Prompt: Urgent…Time…

via Daily Prompt: Urgent


What are you waiting for urgently?

Time on the clock does not stop…

We know that time is constantly moving..

It does not slow down for us..

So that means that time is urgent..

thereby making how we spend our time even more urgent…


Where do you think urgency lies in the modern western world?

If you want to study what people view as “urgent” in a given community research how they spend their time and money…

What is more important to you…Time or Money?

Where is your time going?  Money is interchanged for time very frequently all around the globe.  If you have a job most likely you are trading your time for money. Spending countless hours to make money.

Where is your money going? devoting your time can bring-forth money

Can money buy you time? Sure,if you have enough it can buy you time,  but this depends on the resource, and how much money you have available.

If you had extra money, would you spend your time more wisely..

People tend to think when I make more money,  I will no longer have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck?  Yet, I find this hard to believe. As  many people actually spend more when they have more.. There is always something to upgrade to these days, which makes spending a social norm. In fact, if you do not have the latest I-phone or Android phone you will be made fun of (behind your back or to your face). If you do not believe me try to catch someone with a flip phone in public, and see how they react.

What is urgent to you?

What is urgent really? intangible things or tangible things? or both?

Does the sense of urgency come from your need to survive?

Survival of the fittest?

We have come to an era of massive consumerism, in which necessities are never enough anymore. There is always something to buy. We grow up thinking we must gain more to be successful? Yet, do we know how to define success without the societal context?  If you live in a first world country..You already know the saying “We want what are neighbor has,” or ” We are never truly satisfied with the things we have, humans always crave more.” Even when we truly have everything we “need” to be happy, we will not know it.  Gratitude is something that can create joy, yet so many of us forgot how to feel grateful. How many of us wake up,  thinking” I am so happy to be breathing.” Society wants us obtain a nice house, flashy car, spouse,  great career, etc.  And everyone tries to act like they have it all together… Just look at Facebook and social media. Everyone wants to look like they are living the American Dream, when its all a big lie. When are we going to stop trying to fake it. We try to live to this ideal standard that is not ever going to be obtainable, no matter how rich or wealthy you are.. you can never have it all. Why? because we are not perfect. This world is far from perfect. In a perfect world, it would be possible to live out the quality of life that society hangs high over our heads.  Is it our human nature to always crave what we do not have?A e we born this way… or does society teach us to be this way?   We always have desired the things that we do not have yet. Even when we start to obtain our desires, we soon want to upgrade our long held desires. Maybe we want to upgrade our phones, cars, houses, etc. It is a race that never ends.


When will we stop to think enough is enough…

When will we see that all we need is love from family and friends, a career that we enjoy, and enough money to support ourselves and loved ones.

When will this sense of urgency to upgrade everything stop.

We need to make sense of our own lives without comparing ourselves to the ideals of society.  This “broken” timeline full of unrealistic expectations of what we should obtain in our lives to be “happy and successful.”  We are imperfect beings, so we cannot live perfect lives. We need to make the  best out of this journey called “life”by filtering through all the junk that society tells us we need, and realizing what is really important. On your death beds you will not be asking yourself why didn’t I buy that newer model, rather you will probably be thinking… why didn’t I spend more time with my family or friends.

We need to have sense of urgency when it comes to giving and receiving love..

Our sense of  urgency… needs to shift from the material world to the intangible world.. We need to have an urgency for true, deep unconditional love. With this urgency to love everyone (including your neighbor) we can make this world a better place.

Our time on this planet is very valuable. It is urgent that we look at our lives honestly, if you died tomorrow would you be happy with the how you spent your time?.. if the answer is clearly “No” live your life with a sense of urgency everyday until the answer becomes”Yes.” What we need and what we want are two different things. If we have our health, a comfortable environment, and loved ones what else do we need?  All the other stuff are “desires” which have been pre-programmed and brainwashed into our psyches for decades.


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