Food for Mind


Life is full of periods of waiting…

waiting in line at the grocery store..

waiting for the doctor’s response on a medical condition..

waiting on a loved one to come home..

waiting for the time you grow up..

waiting on good news..

waiting in traffic…

There are several times in our lives.. when we do not know the answer  to a particular thing or situation. Yet, all we can do is  wait.

With all this waiting… it leaves us with much room for silence…  which can take us off the deep end

What do you do with your waiting time…

Do you sit patient hoping for the best… or do you sit on the couch thinking of the worst-case scenario…

It matters what you do with this waiting period..

Our minds might start to race…

we start thinking what is next for me..

what is going to happen when i get home… wake up..go to work…

the list goes on and on..

However, why is our mind so busy thinking about things that have not yet come to pass…

Why do our minds tend to race when we are all alone… or sitting in traffic…

What do we do then… Do we turn the radio on, to flood out the thoughts in our minds..

Do we read a book to pass time…

How do we pass time…without letting our minds race..and control us…

The answer is simple learn to take control of your mind…rather than allowing your mind to control you…

Realize..that there will always be moments of waiting..learn to accept the moment as is…

Do not stress nor fret about what tomorrow has in store…

We are supposed to focus on right now..not two or three hours from now…nothing but “right here” and “right now”

How many of us check out…when we are waiting on something..

In this day and age, we are used to getting everything fast… We are living in a society that values immediate gratification… but is that really better…

Immediate gratification may result in ADHD, the rise of low attention spans, and more chaos…

We need to stay grounded and patient..

The cliche quote “Good things come to those who wait” has some truth to it..when was the last time you put a lot of time and effort into a project and received negative results?

Our society says obtaining things faster is better… but that is contrary to everything we have been taught since day one…whatever happened to  “slow and steady wins the race” from the Tortoise and the Hare story?

Why aren’t we more patient with our loved ones, strangers, and most importantly ourselves….

Too many of us, tend to have a critical view of ourselves… The famous quote “You are your own worst enemy” digs into some deep truths about our human condition..

Why is it that so many of us fall into this conditioning…

It is simply because we are not taking care of our minds..

How can we take care of our minds..

  1. Eat right- You are what you eat (I have been battling my junk food habits recently). Eating fresh foods will keep your mind sharp.  If you eat food that is packed with nutrients you will be full of energy, in contrast if you eat junk food, your body will feel terrible, and you will probably have more mind fog, as your mind is not getting the nutrients it needs to get through the day. Have you ever noticed that after you eat junk food you feel like taking a nap. I ate nothing but fresh foods all week, and to no surprise I felt an improvement on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

  2. Meditate or pray- Depending on your religious or spiritual beliefs you might find prayer helpful. Whatever you choice is, do it. It is very important to go into a quiet room while you meditate or pray, this calms the mind.  There are many forms of meditation. There are the kinds of meditation that focus on a ‘mantra’ or “words” that raise your vibrational energy and bring you to level of peace. And there is meditation that allows you to chant or sing. There is even spiritual and religious meditation-where you meditate on biblical or religious teachings. Meditation can also come in the most known form, ” in which you sit in silence and focus on your breathing. In this kind of meditation if  thoughts come in and out of your consciousness, you are not to judge any of them.  Rather, you must accept these thoughts, and let them go. Release them. Do not try to avoid thinking of something. The moment you tell yourself “do not think of this” your mind will do exactly the opposite of that, and will run that specific thought/s into your head.

  3.  Exercise if you can: I do not have to go into detail here, as many people know the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of exercise. Those endorphins can help battle depression, and can also help you feel more balanced as a person.

  4. Write in a diary, journal, or start a blog, etc. Just get those words or thoughts that are in your head on paper. You do not have to be an author or the best writer to “write.” All you really need to do is make sense.   If you can understand your writing, that is all that matters. Writing can help you filter out worries, fears, goals, etc. “Filtering” is vital when you need to declutter your mind.



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