What is Energy?

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According to the definition, “en-er-gy” is the strength and vitality required to sustain physical or mental activity.  It also states that vitamin intake can impact ones energy and well-being.

Some synonyms for energy are: spirit, vitality, vigor, life, liveliness, animation, vivacity, spiritedness, enthusiasm, zest, vibrancy, spark, buoyancy, etc.

These definitions fit nicely into the new-age spiritual movement; however, these terms also have deep roots in several religions around the world.

I believe the definition of ‘energy’ itself encompasses everything that each living thing strives for. Energy is to live fully.  The definition does not state the mere physical act of ‘energy’ alone, but rather includes the spiritual aspects of energy, as well. What does it mean to be full of energy ?  Well, the answer is most likely different for everyone depending on their set of core-beliefs.

How you define “en-er-gy” depends on a variety of things ( i.e.: philosophical, spiritual, or religious practices).   I believe energy is more than the scientific definition entails–“power derived from performing physical or chemical resources. ” The scientific definition is very limited. Being that science can only measure facts. Energy is also what we take in on a physical, emotional, and mental level. We feed our mind things every single day. Although, mental/emotional energy cannot be measured, it can be felt. How many of you have ever walked into a classroom right before taking an exam, and noticed the “stiffness” in the room?


On the contrary, on the last day of school you might notice a somewhat “lighter energy.” All this is can be explained by the magnitude of thoughts in the room. If you have a room full of nervous students anticipating an exam, the energy will be ‘tense.’ In contrast, if its the last day of class, students will be excited; therefore, the energy of the room will be more relaxed. If we feed our mind certain things eventually that will have an impact on our mind, body, and soul. When you do something to one part of the body, other parts can feel it too. One body part cannot stand alone. Everything is connected.   I believe there are certain things that cannot be proven as fact because our understanding is limited. Have you ever had the feeling of ‘something being off,’ but you could not put your finger on it, only to  later discover bad news? That is not a coincidence, your intuition can sense things even when you cannot perceive what is happening.  These instinctual feelings are innate abilities that connect us to our intuition. The intuition is never wrong, yet it cannot be measured or proven. Does that mean that intuition is not real? Of course not. Despite technological advances, we will always be living breathing creatures that eventually parish.  That is why it is more important to treasure the short time we have on this planet. Despite if you live until you are 100 years old, life is still short. Analyze what you spend your time on, and how it impacts your overall happiness. Ask yourself “after doing this activity, how do I feel? ” If the activity uplifts your spirits pursue it and meditate on these things (i.e: charity, vocations, hobbies etc) . If the activity makes you feel good temporarily, but the next day you feel drained, drop the habit. Activities that give you temporary “happiness” or “relief” never give you true joy (i.e: drugs, partying, sex, etc).

What drove me, on my first solitude hike, to Angora lakes, was a deep drive to center myself. From my hike, I discovered that everything in nature is calm and relentless. The water was flowing down the stream, without any hindrances. Even when there was a log or rock in the stream, the water kept flowing. “Are we any different?” Should we stop striving through obstacles because of road blocks in our path? I think not. One thing this hike taught me is always go forward. Never let an obstacle “big” or “small” take you off the path to your  destination/goal. Remember we only live once, so make the best out of it 🙂



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