Revival:) The long, lost blogger is back to life..


Hello fellow followers! I am back after a hiatus of almost 2 years.. if you still follow my blog. Thank you!! I appreciate that you did not click the “unfollow” button.  I promise I am back for good now, and I will not disappoint you this time..I have brand new content I will be posting in the span of a month. The reason I took such a long break from blogging is because two years ago,  I was not gaining as much life experience as I would have liked, in order to create a versatile blog. In a simpler phrase  I was not really “living” life. I was just “existing”in it. Well, now I am back full throttle, and I am in a much better phase in my life (emotionally and mentally) I have gained a variety of life experiences in the last few years, and cannot wait to share it with you all 🙂 Stay tuned..









Highlights “Why Your Fears Won’t Come True” By David Cain

I really enjoyed reading the article “Why Your Fears Won’t Come True” by David Cain. I found this article on Thought  Be sure to check out the link at the end of this post. Also, I recommend you check out the website for some really interesting reads.

Here is a brief summary of the highlights that I took from the article.

A key thing I took from the article is our fears of the future come from our unpleasant experiences from the past.(1). When you fear something, first look at what it is you are in fear of—what is the experience—or feeling that you fear? Find out the experience that you can’t bear happening. (1)

Your Fears Will Not Pan Out…

  Always remember a fearful thought is just a thought. Fearful scenarios we have never pan out, in reality, exactly how we thought of them. (1)

For example whenever you travel somewhere new whether it be a new city, neighborhood, etc..try to imagine what it will be like, look like, and feel like to be there. (1) No matter what kind of information you have about it, your imagined impression of the scenario will be incorrect. (1)This is because you are building what the place will be like with what’s already in your head. Since you do not know how the place looks and feels like, you will always get it wrong. (1)

Fearsome thoughts are made of what is already in your head—experiences you’ve already had, and experiences not bound to happen. You cannot know the moment you are afraid of, because it does not exist yet. Therefore, your fear cannot come true. (1)

  Whatever happens, the form it will take will be different from what you in-visioned in your head. It might be bad or good. It might open other doors for you that you never knew possible. (1)

Challenge fear and make it fun..

“When you feel fear, take that as a reminder to bring curiosity to the moment. Something new is on the other side of it. (1)If you act in spite of fear, something exciting is going to come out of it. (1) Nine times out of ten you will end up gaining some situational benefit, and ten times out ten you will feel stronger immediately.”(1)

There might be an unpleasant feeling that accompanies challenging your fears, but it is a good trade-off because some of life’s greatest gifts have come from the other side of something I was afraid of. (1)


Cain, David. “Why Your Fears Won’t Come True.” 2012. Thought Catalog.


How to Live in the Moment


Living in today’s world can be difficult.  The modern world is always rushing from A to B, creating a feeling of stress in the air. There is a solution to this, and it is very simple “taking the time to plan your day.”

Planning your day slows everything down. It takes your attention off of the to-do list, and brings it back to the moment you are in right now.


  1. Slow down your day

I recommend slowing down your day.  I noticed that I am the most relaxed on my way back from work. The reason I feel the most relaxed after work is obvious, I conquered another day.  Secondly, I have nowhere to rush off to next. On my way back today, I drove slow.  At a red light, I was able to notice a flock of birds making their rounds across the bright blue sky.  What was so intrinsic about it was the way they flew together as a unit. They all flew together at once, making a delightful s-curve loop around the telephone poles it was as if they were dancing together. This sight gave me an incredible amount of joy. It was astonishing. I thought to myself, “how can such a small thing bring me such joy, and how lucky am I to see such a beautiful thing.” When I saw this beautiful sight, my mind fell silent. It makes you realize how important it is to slow down your day, so that you can notice these small yet grand things.

When you are in a hurry, it is hard to even notice these things because your mind is so focused on the task at hand. These little things might seem small, but they are not.

When I see these small things, I feel a genuine peace coming over me. In these moments you realize the world is not so loud. All of the loud sirens and traffic noise seem to disappear in the midst of such a sight. We can see so much when we stop focusing on all of our daily routines. It is really astonishing.

Slowing Down your Day Takes Planning


  1. Pack a lunch
  2. Leave for work/school/ activities earlier than necessary
  3. Prepare clothes for the next day
  4. Get organized


To Sum it Up….Be Prepared

Now I want to leave my house earlier every time, so that I can feel that exact same feeling every morning. I tend to leave my house just in time to get to work, but I wonder what would happen if I left my house earlier than usual. I find it difficult to leave my house earlier than necessary because I would rather get an extra hour of sleep (I normally leave my house by 6:30AM). If I leave my house earlier, I am certain that I would feel better about my day. I could get some coffee on my way to work (buying a coffee in the AM is always a luxury to me). Also, I would feel less rushed. I am going to challenge myself this week, and leave my house a half-an-hour early. How about you… tell me what you would take on to slow down your day…

Change Your Thoughts

What is Consciousness…


Consciousness is Deep Observing

 The mind is a powerful we must not let the mind program us, rather we should program it.

  1. Follow your thoughts and actions so that you can live from true choice in the present moment rather than being run by the programming from the past.
  2.  You can choose to think in ways that will support you in your happiness and success instead of thinking in ways that do not.
  3. Thoughts turn into beliefs and beliefs can turn into visions…If you really believe in “something” you can visualize that “something” happening in your life. Once you start to vision these things constantly, you will start to act in certain ways that manifest this vision in your life. Sooner or later the universe will grant the present in your life. Take at least five minutes in-visioning positive things that you want to play out, and I am sure they will happen sometime soon.

If you want to change your life, first thing you need to do is change your thoughts.

This can be difficult. I myself have tried meditation and failed terribly, but it is because I was not doing it right. I tried to stop thinking completely, we cannot do this. Once you tell your mind “stop thinking this or that,” the mind will automatically want to think that thought again. When a negative thought comes through your conscious, it is best to let it come and pass.

How to let go of Negative thoughts…


The first step to making more money is changing is your thoughts

Rich people focus on opportunities

Poor people see obstacles and potential loss. They focus on risks.

Universal law states: What you focus on expands. Rich people focus on what they want, while poor people focus on what they do not want.

“The Purpose of our lives is to add value to the people of this generation and those that follow” Philosopher Buckminster Fuller.


I challenge myself, and all of you to change the way you think starting today. Continue applying these principles all week long. It will be challenging, but try it. Write down anything that was difficult on the journey. Commit to focusing on what you really want. Really think about it. Really visualize having whatever it is that you want. This is not wishful thinking.

Hope and faith will allow you to manifest this vision in your life. It is all about committing to something that is not tangible, believing in something you cannot see yet.

Tips to start your day out cheerful:)


To Feel Good about Your Present Moment

Say what you are grateful for..

I like to start my day of  by saying what I am grateful for. Whether you recite what you are grateful for as soon as you get up  or  say it in the shower, either way, you are saying it.. and this will help you feel good about your present moment.

Eat a well balanced meal in the morning before jetting off..

I found that making a healthy breakfast in the morning can be difficult, that is why I prepare/cook my breakfast the night before (since I always press the snooze button). When you prepare your breakfast the night before, you are ahead of your game. Imagine pressing the snooze button, and not having to worry about whether you will have enough time to eat breakfast. Go on right ahead,  snooze that alarm breakfast will be right there waiting for you.

Daily Word

daily word

Read a positive statement, bible verse, or say a little prayer in the morning. This always helps start my day out right.

Sing along to your favorite songs

music symbol

I know some of you might feel uncomfortable with this, but trust me singing along to your favorite jams early in the morning can put you in an awesome mood.  You will feel like you can tackle the world.. After listening to something you love.

Stretch a little.stretch

Moving those muscles early in the morning can really help you feel relaxed. This can be as simple as standing up and stretching those arm muscles. It doesn’t need to be much.

Drink some tea or coffee


This can help wake you up if you are still a little tired/drowsy, and it can give you a boost. I know whenever I drink tea or coffee in the morning it helps me to be more alert. Just do not over do the coffee, otherwise you will be a jitterbug all morning.

 Listen to an uplifting audio-book  while commuting 


A good audio-book goes a long way, especially for people who have to commute (I know this can help my commute). I think it is the best thing to do when you wake up feeling a little blue. It can give you a some inspiration

Tell yourself Positive Affirmations throughout the day


What are  positive affirmations? They are strong positive statements that describe what you aspire to be true. Basically, you create a statement about yourself or something that you intend to internalize and believe.  For example if you want to believe that you are confident. You will repeat “I am confident”  several times or until the statement becomes affirmed in your mind.

What ends up happening is our subconscious mind will eventually start to believe these repeated statements, even if it is not true at the present moment. This can beneficial if you want to obtain something that is hard to get.

Simply tell yourself the opposite, and it can come true.  For example you can tell yourself “employment  comes easy” although, at first,  your mind might not believe it..after several repetitions eventually you will believe it, and your reality will change.

Over time these positive affirmations overwrite any negative beliefs you may have had, and positive beliefs take its place.

Why practice positive affirmations, well there are several reasons. Yet, I think the most important reason is because we live in such a negative society with a ton of social programming. This can make us feel a certain way about ourselves if we don’t have “X, Y, or Z” by a certain age o do not look a certain way etc. Positive affirmations help you gain control over your thought processes.
On Weekends there are obviously more things you can probably fit into your morning..heck if you are a morning person you can probably do all this and more…

Additional things to do on those slacker weekends.. or on your time off..                                                                           

-Wake up when you feel rejuvenated, do not oversleep ( Yes, there is such a thing) in my experience oversleeping (10 hours +)could make me feel worse than if I slept the normal 8 hours of sleep. Don’t get me wrong waking up really late isn’t bad every once in awhile but if it is every weekend becareful..constant sleeping in will make you feel unproductive and sluggish.
Get some early morning exercise


Whether it’s is walking the dog, hitting the gym, or going for a nice jog around the block.


Sulk in Nature
Read a good book or magazine while drinking some tea on the porch.
Or sit quietly eating your breakfast on the patio
Don’t have a backyard.. Put some plants on your balcony.

If you have a yard, but no garden, plants, or nature in it… Start planting.. It will be well worth it!!

Run errands early- If you are like me, running errands in the AM, always sets my day off to the right start. Also, if you are anything like me, than you would rather skip out on crowded shopping malls with lines that reach Mount Everest.

Positive Affirmations to Transform Your Thoughts



We owe some treats to our gigantic minds
What are these “treats” you might say?
Only the best of all “positive affirmations.” These are not just mere compliments, these are things that are true, or things that could turn out to be true (if you start to believe). We can state these things to ourselves “out loud” or in “our head.” The most important factor is repetition. There is something that happens in the brain when you repeat something to yourself over and over again, eventually after continued repetition, our minds cannot distinguish whether or not something is false or not. This can be tricky because at first your mind may not want to accept what is being said. For example you might say something like “I will get to work on time,when it is clear that there was an accident, which resulted In a traffic jam.” However, keep repeating the exact time that you start your shift, say to yourself “I will be there by 8am exactly” say this until you start to believe it. It works trust me:) I have used this one quite a bit.

More positive affirmations include:

“I am beautiful on the inside and outside”

“I am worthy and deserving of receiving and giving love”

“I will be healthy tomorrow”

“I will pass that exam”

“He/She will get better soon”


Just remember to never give up. Keep repeating until you have no doubts at all:) Sending you all love and light, may you have peace on your journey to joy:)







7 Steps to a Happier You:)


1. Explore Who You Are?

How you may ask? Well start a Journal or Diary. Get to know what you love in life. If you do not know what you love in life, dig deep into your childhood, find out what made you happy then and write those things down. Most of us still love a lot of the same things that we enjoyed during those early years.

Look into what you spend the most time doing, presently, this tends to reveal your current passions and hobbies. Once you find your passion do not stop there, maybe there is a way you can make what you love to do profitable.

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